Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Life in Pictures.... Plus a Little Treat!

Life over the last two weeks has been totally crazy! I spent one week in the campo staying with a family and then returned home to Ciudad Sandino long enough to bid farewell to Michael and Jenna, the two volunteers returning home after two years here. I then stayed with a family in my neighborhood and went to language schoool for a week. And I just returned yesterday from a retreat with the other volunteers. Here are some picture highlights....

One day during my campo homestay, I was walking with my host cousin and snapped this picture. I think my favorite part of my campo homestay was walking around the roads there and taking in the sights and smells of rural Nicaraguan life.

 These are all of the JV´s in Nicaragua at the farewell party for Michael and Jenna.

Here´s me with my community mates! From left to right: Lauren, Patrick, Christine, and me.

After my homestay in Ciudad Sandino, I went back to the campo for a fair with some of the other JV´s.  There was dancing, food, goat raffles, and more!

This is me and Maribel, my host mom and dad´s granddaughter. She´s the absolute cutest.

This is a picture from Laguna de Apoyo where we went on retreat. It was beautiful there! The water was perfectly clear and the lake was surrounded by mountains. The best part of it all: I got to go swimming!

One last thing I wanted to share with you all is a video. While I was interning at the Catholic Student Center at WashU, the other interns and I did a spoof of a youtube video and I find it to be pretty fun and entertaining. I hope you enjoy! And here´s the original video if you´d like to compare:

I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas! If anyone wanted to send me some snow, I certainly wouldn´t object......


  1. It is so good to see you in the pics you shared. Dad and I are still trying to engineer fulfilling your snow request. Unfortunately, I think you may have to settle for the frost in the freezer!!! I have a million things to say, but am limited by this little comment box so just remember love, prayers and hearts are with daily. Love being your mom.

  2. Andrea - it is great to see you smiling in these pictures. Hope your Christmas was joyful and that the new year fills your heart with contentment as you follow your call to serve the poor. Wearing my cross daily and keeping you in my prayers. Love, Mrs. S

  3. oh man, andrea. i watched the youtube videos. i watched the original first and then yours. so good.

    i'm glad to read you are having a good time so far. i'm stuck in an airport because of snow and airplane malfunctions. bleh!

    keep the posts and pictures coming!


  4. Hey Andrea! I hope things are still going good. Just wanted to thank you for the very special Christmas gift. While Grandma was opening cards I was hiding out in the other room with Katelyn because I didn't feel like crying this year. Then someone said Grandma wanted me out there. As soon as she started telling me, I started crying. I am pretty sure most of the room was in tears also. It means a lot to us that you would give up your Christmas present for us. You are such a sweetheart. I am very proud of you for what you are doing. God bless, and take care of yourself.
    Love ya,
    Pam D.